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                            This is not a license.
                             This is a manifesto.

                             There is no copyright.
                        There is only free information.

                       There is no intellectual property.
                            Ideas cannot be owned.

It's illogical and harmful to artificially limit that which abounds without end.

    There is no authority that can stop you or others from sharing this code.
           Neither is there one that can force you to give it away.

         Binary distribution without the source furthers no one's cause.
     Time should better be spent on improving the wheel, not reinventing it.

    Others have a right to the truth - never pass someone's work as your own.
  Be honest - unless an author does not want to, attribute their work to them.
           Always remember that you stand on the shoulders of giants.

                   Collaborate, contribute, iterate, improve.
                     Learn, teach, and pass on your skills.

                               Knowledge is power.
                           Do not let anyone usurp it.

                                Gloria Discordia.